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Guided tour to Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Energy Farm

The story of Middelgrunden goes back to 1996 when a group of wind turbine enthusiasts got together to create a new wind turbine cooperative. This way, an offshore wind farm with 20 turbines was established, where 10 of the turbines belong to DONG Energy, and the other 10 to Middelgrunden Wind Turbine Cooperative.

Middelgrunden was the world’s largest offshore wind farm at its construction time, with turbines in the MW scale. And today the Cooperative remains world famous. Most likely, Middelgrunden is still the offshore wind farm closest to recreational and densely populated areas. Its wind turbines have been photographed in all weathers by visitors from all over the world.

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Would you like to understand how is it possible that Danes invest in wind power with their savings?

Visit Middelgrunden and get inspired!

If interested in booking a tour click here. This tour is arranged in collaboration with Middelgrunden Cooperative.

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Enjoy fun and energetic games such as:

  • The ENSIGHT Game
  • Changing the Game

For further information about the energy games click here.


Potential participants, visitors and clients range from schools to companies, as well as any other group interested in experiencing blue and green energy sites.