Energy Games and Workshops

Team building opportunities while learning on energy planning, energy systems and electricity markets through two exciting games:

  • Changing the Game – on the insights of current and future energy systems – and
  • ENSIGHT Power Game – on the functioning of electricity markets


Changing the Game

Changing the Game (developed by Energy Crossroads Denmark) is an educational tool on the insights of current and future energy systems. It allows participants to discover the possibilities for a brighter energy future by creating their own future energy scenario for 2035. Hence, being able to see that it is in our hands the opportunity to change the direction of how our energy is supplied.

Julia has facilitated the Game in several occasions since 2013, with small and big groups of students and industry experts. For instance, in the INORE Symposium in Wales, in the US University of Copenhagen named Danish Institute for Studies Abroad, etc. Julia has great knowledge of Changing the Game. She was involved in the update of the Game to the newest version (August 2014).

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Quote by Marisa McNatt, July 2013:

In the late-afternoon of day two of my journey, I bused to Central Copenhagen to meet with energy consultant Julia F. Chozas, an expert in offshore wind and wave energy and a Changing the Game pro.  In an old brick building, several floors up, I watched Chozas setup the Lego™ blocks based game, alongside water, juice, biscuits and a bowl of pears to get us through the potentially three-hour-plus game….. Chozas built towers from Lego™ blocks of various colors. In the Game, each of the four towers represents one of the energy consumption sectors: heat, industry, transportation, and electricity. The nine different colors indicate different energy sources: a black Lego™ signifies coal, a yellow one signifies solar energy, and a brown one represents natural gas… “It’s called [Changing] the Game because we have in our hands the opportunity to change the direction of how our energy is supplied,” Chozas said…”  

Other quotes by DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) students: Captura de pantalla 2014-12-15 a la(s) 16.35.06

For more information about Changing the Game visit the official website (



ENSIGHT Power Game

ENSIGHT Power Game (developed by Klaus Baggesen Hilger, Ensight Games and DONG Energy Innovation Center) is an educational tool on the functioning and market rules of electricity markets. It allows participants to experience the life of an electricity producer, thus understanding the functioning of day-ahead and real-time electricity markets as well as the role they play in a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, the players get a good understanding of how a diverse energy mix can provide the electricity needed, and how the powers of nature and world events affect the security of supply.

The goal of the game is to provide a good base for group discussions in regards to the challenges and opportunities of the liberalized market. It addresses perspectives from various stakeholders, allowing for raising issues for business, policy makers and the civil society.

The game is been played by beginners in the subject, but also used by professionals with many years of experience.

It can be used to support a range of different needs – from light and fun team building sessions for team days, to serious and deep discussions aligned with the relevance of the topic for your organization. You can invite a facilitator to guide your team through the game, and tailor made workshops are an option as well. Book the session with Julia and get further information here.


Functioning of the game:

  • There are four teams, and each team acts as an electricity producer who trades his electricity in the day-ahead market.
  • As the game advances, there are different scenarios (the interconnector between two systems brakes, natural gas prices rises, better wind-prognosis are available, new oil fields are discovered, etc).
  • It takes about three to three and a half hours to play it, including an introduction, a break in the middle and an intermediate and final game-learning discussion.


Quotes from various ENSIGHT players sessions on November, 2013 (15 players):

Senior Manager, Business Support: “A fun way to learn about the […] Power Market. Gain understanding of how market conditions can change.”

Business Analyst: “Educating in a fun way!”

Senior Director: “Fun and great team building. Very educational!”

Business Analyst: “I like it!”

Senior Business Analyst: “Fun and good for teambuilding.”


For more information about ENSIGHT Power Game visit the official website (