We have large experience in teaching to High School, Bachelor, Master and Industry levels


We offer courses and lectures in the field of marine energies

  • The courses cover the following topics:
    • Introduction to ocean energy
    • Introduction to wave energy
    • Wave theory
    • Wave energy: from an idea to a commercial reality
    • State of the art of the wave energy sector
    • State of the art of the tidal energy sector
    • State of the art of hybrid systems: combined wave and wind
    • Public acceptability of wave energy projects: experiences in the US and Europe
    • Resource assessment
    • Site selection
    • Measurement techniques
    • Technologies
    • Power take-off systems
    • Electrical power output and grid connection
    • Performance evaluation of wave energy converters
    • Power production of wave energy converters: scatter diagrams and power matrices
    • Wave energy economics
    • Hybrid systems: Combined wave and wind energy, technical and economic analysis
    • International experiences in wave energy: State of the art of wave energy in Spain, lessons-learned and best practices from Denmark, the development of wave energy in Ireland and the future of wave energy in the UK
  • Industrial and academic perspective
  • Lectures available both in Spanish and in English
  • Internship Opportunities


We also organise site visits to wave and wind energy sites, as well as Energy Games. For further information please visit the site Blue and Green Experiences and Energy Games and Workshops.