ICIS Collaborative Projects

INORE supports the Research between two or more INOREans through its ICIS awards.

Julia F. Chozas has been granted several times by ICIS and INORE to carry out a collaborative research.





The results of our successful ICIS collaborative project, which investigated the synergies in combining wave and wind in the same area, were presented by Carlos Pérez Collazo at EWEC 2013 (the European Wind Energy Conference):

Thank you so much to INORE and OES for providing us this great opportunity to collaborate together!




In 2010, ICIS granted a cross-Atlantic collaborative project between Maria Stefanovich (Ph.D. at Oregon University) and Julia F. Chozas (Spok ApS, Denmark).

The project investigated best-practices found in dealing with public acceptability of wave energy projects.

Results were presented with two conference papers, a Poster and an Oral session at ICOE 2010, Bilbao (the International Conference on Ocean Energy).

Thank you so much to INORE and OES for providing us an excellent learning opportunity in such an important field.