Waves Forecasting

“Wave and Wind Forecasting in the Danish North Sea and impact in the balancing costs”

feature Wavestar and 525kW Folkecenter wind turbine Hanstholm kopi_smallThis project, carried out with Hans Christian Sørensen (Spok ApS) and Jens Peter Kofoed (Aalborg University), covers two fields of study:

a) Wave energy predictability

b) The impact of accurate wave energy forecasts on electricity markets.

Results suggest that for day-ahead forecasts, waves are 23% more predictable than winds, the power output of WECs is 35% more predictable than for wind turbines, and the inclusion of wave energy in a wind-only system reduces balancing costs by 35%. This would imply annual savings to the Danish system of 13 MEUR (i.e. 95 MDKK/y) and a balancing premium tariff for wave energy of 1.8 EUR/MWh (compared to the current premium tariff of wind turbines of 3 EUR/MWh).

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