Windspeed Project

While being a research engineer at SPOK ApS Julia participated in the Windspeed project, which stands for Spatial Deployment of Offshore Wind Energy in Europe.

The main focus of the project was planning the development of offshore wind and offshore grids in the central and southern North Sea regions.

The project defined a roadmap for 2020 and 2030, analysed the interactions with other sea users, identified meshed grid connection opportunities within countries, and developed a decision support system tool for offshore wind development.

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Examples of exclusion zones due to navigation (top left), exclusion zones due to military zones (top right), offshore grid layout in the 2030 scenario (bottom left) and a proposal of offshore wind clusters (bottom right).

“A cross-border coordinated approach to offshore wind deployment in the North Sea will be in the long run more cost efficient and lead to a larger deployment compared to national approaches.”

The project was funded in 2008 by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) of the European Commission.

For more information about the Windspeed project, please visit the project website (



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