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Julia has been involved in the research and development of wave energy for more than seven years.

After graduating in Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2008, she joined the 3-year Wavetrain2 project funded by the European Commission within the FP7 and the Marie Curie Actions Programme.

The goal of the European Commission with the Wavetrain2 project was to create a knowledge-based community of researchers on wave energy. As part of Wavetrain2 she held a research engineer position at SPOK ApS, a Danish consultancy on marine energies and partner of Wave Dragon technology.

In March 2013 she was awarded the PhD at the Civil Engineering Department of Aalborg University, a reference and leading university in the wave energy sector. The Thesis “Technical and non-technical issues towards commercialization of wave energy converters” has examined technical, social and economic aspects blocking the development of wave energy, and has studied the advantages of combined wave and wind energy systems.

In 2011, Julia was appointed by AENOR (Spanish Normalisation and Certification Agency) as an expert evaluator for ocean energy projects, which implies techno-economic evaluation of the research content of projects.

In May 2014, Julia was appointed expert evaluator of Horizon 2020 projects, and since then, she assists the European Commission in the evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Call.

She has also been part of the Steering Committee of INORE (the International Network of Offshore Renewable Energy), a worldwide network of researchers involved in the development of wave, tidal and offshore wind.

Throughout these years, she has participated in the most relevant conferences and workshops of the sector, has published articles and reports, and has attended numerous courses, where she has been taught by the experts of the sector. All of these have contributed to building an extensive and international network within the marine energy field.

Since 2012, Julia teaches in the wave energy field and other related topics to high-school, bachelor, master and industry students in Denmark, Spain and Ireland.

Julia loves literature and architecture, and is always in the mood for travelling. 

Her motto is raising awareness of energy related issues.

She is truly concerned about our energy future, our current energy challenges and the coming ones. She hopes to contribute towards a good-critical change within energy planning, electricity markets and the integration of renewable energies into our energy systems.